Touch Not God’s Annointed

Can You Handle The Truth About Whom God’s Anointed Really Are AND Are NOT?

The dictating thugs never repent, thinking that they are untouchable.  They think they are GOD’S Anointed, and above reproach.  You know, that crowd that uses Psalms 105:15 – Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.  Preacher, this verse is NOT for you! It was for Israel!  Check it out.  Read for yourself verses 10-15.  This verse is to remind the Children of Israel what GOD did for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This same verse is in Genesis 20:7, and is addressed to foreign kings to warn these heathen about touching GOD’S chosen people, Israel.  Now you can’t use this verse to scare folks and hide behind, like you’re a dictator above the Church members. That’s the same verse these cults use, and you have these young idol worshipping preachers write me telling me that GOD is going to kill me for exposing preachers, because you think you’re GOD’S anointed, or a so called prophet which there are none of in these days.  Come on now!  Study! I dare you!  If there are Prophets nowadays there are also Apostles too, you yoyo!

You say, “Brother Johnny, us preachers are anointed.” Hey reprobate, all born again people are anointed.  In the OLD TESTAMENT kings are referred to as God’s Anointed. Make sure you check that out!

Prophets in Psalms 105:15 can only refer to OLD TESTAMENT prophets.  This cannot be for modern day church leaders, AMEN AMEN!  A Non-Prophet organization. Ha-Ha. 

You young Preachers;  don’t let this crowd threaten you with Psalms 105:15.  You have the right and responsibility to challenge what any preacher teaches. NO Preacher is above Biblical judgment, and there is NO Biblical status among believers. 
Preachers are not untouchable!

Many pastors also use Hebrews 13:17 about RULE and OBEY and ACCOUNT.  These three words are a hobby horse to keep you in bondage.  So wake up man, and study for fifteen minutes.


  1. 1.OBEYmeans to Agree, assure, trust, yield.  Also Vines New Testament Words says it means teachable; NOT submissive to authority, but persuaded.

JESUS says in Mark 10:42-43 that Gentiles like to RULE verse 43 BUT IT SHALL NOT BE AMONG YOU.  Please take some smelling sauce, now!  Who do you believe, JESUS or the Independent Baptist.

You say, “I am suppose to do what ever my pastor says.”  Well, stupid, open your Bible and read 1 Corinthians 16:12.  APPOLOS did not listen to what the great Apostle Paul wanted him to do in Corinth, and Paul did not rebuke him saying YOU’RE TO OBEY ME!  I RULE OVER YOU!  Ha ha ha!  The Apostle Peter never Told Paul in Galatians 2:11, “Paul GOD is gonna kill you!  I am an anointed Preacher.

There’s many verses, but if you don’t believe the Scriptures, nothing will change you.  So stay stupid!


2.RULE-  Means to lead or guide in the RULE means to “tend as a shepherd.”   It does not mean that this jerk has the right to abuse you or your family.  A good pastor loves his people and does not beat them up.   AMEN AMEN!  These guys wives beat them up, so to show his man hood, he beats Church folks up ( cause wifey will blacken his eyes at home)..


  1. ACCOUNT— Now I hear Pastors say “you better behave cause I got to give account how you live…..”

Now do you believe that??  So say a person lives right around the Church as far as every body knows.  Then, at the Judgment Seat this pastor will say, “LORD I’ve got the best people in my Church.” Then JESUS says, “That’s what you think.  Come here.  You are going to give an ACCOUNT.

I thought Romans 14:11-12 says For it is written, as I live saith the LORD, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue confess to GOD.  V12 So then every one of us shall give ACCOUNT of himself to GOD.


NOW, hold it!  Where is that “knot head” preacher at now?  What this means simply is that the Preacher will give account of himself personally, as well as how he conducted himself in the ministry.

Pastors are accountable to GOD about how they tended GOD’S little sheep, but are not going to lose their crowns because you lived like the devil.  Come on, wise up my friend.

A young preacher wrote me a while back, saying, that “to question brother so and so was to question the Bible, because he is the walking Bible.” Excuse me while I puke. What’s so funny is that this crowd dictates that you not be critical of them, but have no problem criticizing and running down every other man of GOD.  So, I know what it is like to be threatened and lied on like a dog when you catch these snakes.  They act like democrats playing the spin game, and try to ruin your testimony, But GOD knows the truth. The reason that I cannot, or will not be intimidated is because I am Standing for what’s right.  I don’t need any body-guards, like some brag that they have to protect them.  Sounds like somebody must be scared.


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