SURVIVOR – Louie Guerrero

Louie Guerrero, 11 years old at the time, was the first witness as the trial began Wednesday. He said after teachers complained he had been “goofing off” during Bible studies, pastor Joshua Thompson took him to Caleb Thompson’s home where he was beaten with a branch from a tree in the yard.

…the beating lasted more than an hour and came the day after a confrontation at church between Joshua Thompson’s wife and the boy’s mother.

At one point, the boy said, he was told to pick up the pieces of the tree branch that broke during the beating. He said the beating resumed after one of brothers got a new stick…

Joshua Thompson’s attorney, Gerry Goldstein, acknowledged that his client hit Guerrero with a switch from a tree and that he suffered injuries. But Goldstein said the boy’s parents practiced similar forms of punishment and had asked the Thompsons to discipline their child.

They used an inch-thick tree branch to beat Louie Guerrero, an 11-year-old boy, for “goofing off” during Bible class because he was not taking preparations for a Scripture recital competition seriously. “The indication that we have is that (the boy) had been accused of cheating in memorizing Bible verses.” Court records allege the beating was to physically “break” the boy for lying.

“Guerrero said he was allowed to go to the bathroom to clean up after his nose started to bleed and the Thompsons wiped up the blood from the bed and floor. He was then told “It’s not over,”‘ and the beating resumed. He said his back eventually numbed to the pain.”

Court records obtained by Reuters alleged that the beating lasted for 90 minutes, broke blood vessels and caused the boy’s kidneys to fail.

Bro. Johnny Says:

I believe in spanking and have spanked my own when it was needed, but I have NEVER put any of them in intensive care. These are not spankings but beatings. Then to put up a website misusing scripture called “Remember My Bonds” to try and make money to help Joshua and Caleb Thompson and liken them to the apostle Paul being in prison! THIS IS BLASPHEMY!

I might add that since we are making videos to raise money to help these guys, why don’t we raise money for other independent Baptist that were found guilty by a  grand jury:
Like Bob Gray of Jacksonville Florida, Trinity Baptist Church and College that molested children for 40 years. Why don’t we make a video to remember his bonds and raise money in the camp meetings for him and say he was framed, the government is after us Baptist. We are the only ones with the truth, “WE ARE KING JAMES BIBLE PEOPLE” WE can’t be guilty of anything.

What about EX-Pastor Steve Harmon Th.G., B.S., Th.M., Th.D from Maineville Baptist church. Why don’t we make a video to raise $500,000 to get him out of Jail cause surely this Great IFB Baptist Preacher CAN’T possibly be guilty of molesting 9 Children in his Church. Oh I know, “He was framed! The Government is after us!”

Combs Trial Not About Religion!

The Preacher Combs Trial, where a Baptist preacher and his wife were sentenced to 179 years for the rape and torture of Elsa Garcia, is not about religion. What it is about is unregulated private adoptions, break down in the social welfare system, and the use of home schooling to isolate children from the rest of society. What it is most about is nobody gave a care enough to get involved until the police stepped in.

When the Rev. Joseph Combs was forcing 5-year-old Esther Combs to perform oral sex on him, she testified that he quoted Scripture to her : “King David had concubines.” SHE ALSO testified that when Mrs. Evangeline Combs sliced open her arm with a tin can lid, beat her with a wooden shoe and then sewed up the wound with a darning needle, and pulled off pieces of flesh with a pair of pliers, the resulting scars were referred to as “marks of the beast.”

Oh, they were “marks of the beast,” true enough, but not in quite the sense this preacher’s wife intended.

Oh I Know, these people are all framed. The Government is after them. These KJV IFB Pastors could never have done something like this.


I want you to understand I am for home schooling and for spanking Children and I am 100% KJV but I AM SICK OF THESE COVER-UPS in the Independent Fundamental Movement. This kind of stuff hurts the GOOD pastors and the GOOD schools and the GOOD Bible Colleges and the GOOD people that want to do right. WE CAN NOT CLOSE OUR MINDS AND EYES TO THE EVIL THAT IS HAPPENING IN THE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCHES.


NON-SURVIVOR – Sean Paddock

A few years ago, Lynn Paddock sought Christian advice on how to discipline her growing brood of adopted children.

Paddock — a Johnston County mother accused of murdering Sean, her 4-year-old adopted son, and beating two other adopted children — surfed the Internet, said her attorney, Michael Reece. She found literature by an evangelical minister and his wife who recommended using plumbing supply lines to spank misbehaving children.

Paddock ordered Michael and Debi Pearl’s books and started spanking her adopted children as suggested. After Sean, the youngest of Paddock’s six adopted children, died last month, his older sister and brother told investigators about Paddock’s spankings.

Sean’s 9-year-old brother was beaten so badly he limped, a prosecutor said. Bruises marred Sean’s backside, too, doctors found.

Sean died after being wrapped so tightly in blankets he suffocated. That, too, was a form of punishment, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell said.