Your Missionary to God’s Chosen Frozen

Your Missionary to God’s Chosen Frozen

Hello my friend:

My name is Brother Johnny Campbell, affectionately known by many as “Johnny the Baptist.”
My business card reads, “Johnny the  Baptist B.A.D.F. (Born-Again Devil Fighter).”

Well, it seems that God has opened doors for me to get in and preach to a really frozen crowd.  I don’t even
have to go to the North Pole. I’ve found them all over the good ole U.S.A.!  So, now “B.A.D.F.” stands for
“Baptist Are Deep Freezers.”  Many of us know that supporting missionaries can often be a gamble.
You rarely get the opportunity to check into their “field,” so often your offerings may not be going where you
thought they were.

In fact, did you know that there are more missionaries to Mexico, than there are Mexicans?

I, personally, know churches that are supporting “home missionaries” to the Indians. Well. the only Indian that
they ever saw was Tonto when they were watching “The Lone Ranger” on television. It seems to me that most
missionaries have between six and nineteen children, from two months up to twelve years old. Also, the wife is
pregnant again, and he asks you to pray for him because he’s having back trouble. So with all of these kids
around, he says, on his monthly letter, that “in the field of my calling I have seen a lot of changes.” He isn’t lying!
He has seen many changes, but they’re called “Pampers.”

Please pray about helping me travel this country, and see Revival Fires burning in these cold dead Churches.
Our burden is to see working pastors get into their ministry full time, see folks saved, and saved folks fall
back in love with Jesus Christ! Now, that’s what I call real REVIVAL!

Remember, if we can’t keep our home fires burning, as well as keeping the church fired up here in the States,
the men in the mission field will be forced to come home from their calling. Pray about taking me on as your
home missionary, so I can help these struggling churches to be ablaze for the glory of God.

Whether it be through Camp-Meetings, Tent Meetings, the Internet, Radio, and Television, our Revivals are not
some sort of “dog and pony show,” using puppets, kissing pigs, or any other form of carnal entertainment. I preach
from the KJV 1611 only, and it is dynamite that will work every time! And, as you know, I preach Repentance!
There are many struggling churches that don’t have the resources to have me, or anyone else preach Revival
meetings. So, instead, they invite local pastors because they have a church to support them. The struggling church
saves money, but they short change their people on a gift for the the Evangelist.

The pastor’s job is to comfort the afflicted!
The evangelist’s job is to afflict the comforted!

So, please make this an earnest matter of prayer.

Thank you
Brother Johnny