Too Much Salvation


OK NOW,  You say Brother Johnny has lost his mind now, 

So I say lets ask Dr. Jim Panzee the question, “Say Dr. can you have to much Salvation?”

Well, Dr. Jim Panzee, Brother Johnny says
You can have too much Salvation for some of those that are roundabout you; like your job, school or even your kin folks that think you’re a religious whacko –
 even some in your own church family.

Now let me explain, we all have the same amount of Salvation but some folks really express their Salvation through shouting and tears and joy and when these excited Christians get in a dead Church the dead ones say the live ones has TOO MUCH SALVATION and I say I “want” to be identified with those that are labeled as having to TOO MUCH SALVATION AMEN ! AMEN !   I know my crowd, hey I like the Maze Jackson, Oliver B, Dr. Sightler, Buck Huntley, Percy Ray crowd that shouted the house down with praises unto GOD, the dead crowd would say these old shouters “well they just have TOO MUCH SALVATION.”

So lets see some places where there was TOO MUCH SALVATION

There was too much Salvation for the WHALE !!!
Now you know the story of the Whale in Jonah Ch 2.  Now that Whale could stand Jonah alright, until V. 9 When Jonah said “Salvation is of the LORD” the whale could not handle that testimony so he puked up Jonah.  Now I have never healed anybody, but like Jonah I have made many sick by saying Salvation is only by JESUS CHRIST GOD’S darling son and His finished work at Calvary, not baptism or Church membership.

Now I am going to say something and you can disfellowship me or put my head on a chopping block when I say this. But, I have never had to argue with a Southern Baptist on Salvation and how to get to Heaven, but I have over 1,000 times with Independent Baptists.

I still believe for you to be born again a person has to REPENT amen amen I believe what JESUS said, not what Jack said.

But Like Festus in Acts 27:24 said to Paul, “you have TOO MUCH SALVATION until its driving you crazy” and they will say the same about you if you preach turn or burn Repentance.
There was too much Salvation for the Jail !!!
In Acts 16 ole Paul and Silas, bleeding and in pain but enjoying Salvation, they just had TOO MUCH SALVATION to stop praising GOD.

I was in Jail with Freddie Gage in Houston and when Freddie got saved from a life of crime he went wild and us jail birds thought to ourselves this is TOO MUCH SALVATION.
There was too much Salvation in The PAIL !!!
John 4: The woman at the well with her pail, went home with the whole well after JESUS told her that her bucket had a hole in it.

Oh JESUS had TOO MUCH SALVATION to offer her. It didn’t matter if she was a Samaritan or had been married five times. This crowd now days would have throwed her down the well but that shows this crowd don’t have TOO MUCH SALVATION.  No, they just don’t have any salvation. Amen! Amen! Amen!  like it or lump it.

Luke 15 The Prodigal dropped his pail, and jumped the rail, and hit the trail. GLORY !!!
There’s too much Salvation to TELL !!
I thought after I got saved and called to persecute the saints, that I could preach that whole Bible in six months. I was dumb dumb.

Sometimes even testifying I get where I just can’t tell about Salvation so I just say its better felt than telt Amen! Amen!
There’s too much Salvation to SELL !!!
Bill Gates or Wal-Mart cannot buy what you and I have and it was given freely.

To be honest I hate to go into a Church that sells anything.  We have turned the Gospel into merchandise, until folks are like Simon in Acts 8 thinking you can buy it on a payment plan. Hey, I know some missionaries that have fake Churches that raise all kinds of money to save the Jews and some of these Churches are in nursing homes (big captive congregation, huh?) or some churches (so called) that after two yrs don’t have six people but drawing support from eighty Churches to save the Jew.  So they are selling salvation to the Jews at the gentiles expense.
Too much Salvation for HELL !!!!
Hell has a problem with us children of GOD because we just have TO MUCH SALVATION for that place.

Now lots of times fellas cuss me out through email, leave a fake name, and tell me to “go to Hell,” so I say, “I ain’t gonna do it cause I don’t go to your home when you ain’t there. I don’t like your daddy”
There was so much Salvation behind that veil !!!!

Oh glory to GOD there is a new living way.  The day that Christ died the veil was rent from top to bottom and the last lamb died.  Did you know that the JEWS sewed up the veil to stop people from entering in after GOD the Father destroyed that veil.  The Jews would say STOP! STOP!  you can’t enter in, oh my friend ever since Calvary JESUS is saying “I opened a new way come In I have MUCH SALVATION for any asking sinner.”
So I pray that you can see there was to much Salvation for
the Whale, Jail, Pail, To Tell, To Sell, For Hell, and the Veil.