The Rich Man’s Five Brothers

Skeleton sermon — add your own meat

The Rich Man’s Five Brothers

By Johnny Campbell

Please open your Bibles to Luke 16 about the Rich man in Hell. I’m interested in a statement that this lost man said in verse 27-28:

For I have five brethren ;that he (Lazarus) may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment.

Now there was something that he knew about his five brothers’ lost condition.

In Hell he had already met the Religious from every Church on the planet, so he knew that to stay out of Hell it’s not a Religion but a Relationship with CHRIST.

Brother Number One was a:


He knew this first brother was a Baptist in good standing, maybe a deacon, but deceived by easy believism.

Now I’m a Baptist.   But I was a Child of GOD first!  Now I believe folks of Catholic or other persuasions can go to Heaven, but to go to Heaven First Class you will have to be a Baptist!

I believe he was worried about his brothers really being saved because of some fellas that came by one day and said, Wanna go to heaven when you die?  And saying, It’s simple as 1,2,3. Repeat after me.  Hey,  we have already saved 5,000 souls in the last two hours!  Don’t you want to go to Heaven with your neighbors?   You can in 30 seconds.  Hurry mister!   I gotta meet my quota today.   Just tell JESUS you want to go to Heaven.

Now he probably had heard that you had to repent.  But these super soul-winners said,  No you don’t!  Doctor taught us you just have to believe. That old fashion preachers that believe in repentance,  that godly sorry and turning from your idols are all wrong .

All the while the imps of Hell were laughing that another person was going to Hell being led by the super duper soul-winners.  One imp says to the other, Boy,  this book on the enemies of soul-winning  couldn’t have been better if we had written it ourselves.   The other imp replies,   These super duper boys tell these lost sinners all you have to do is believe James 2:19 They have not read their own Bible!  All the underworld of Hell believe and tremble and we are not saved.  Now we need to baptize you.  If you ain’t got time for Church,  we can hose you  down or we have a horse trough on our bus.

I know Churches that advertise they had 5000 saved in a year,  and don’t have 200 in their Church.

You say,  Brother Johnny,  your going to catch it!  Hey,  I’ve been catching it for thirty years!  Then you say, Brother Johnny, I wouldn’t say that  if I were you!   GOD knows you wouldn’t!  That’s why he called me to preach it.  GOD knew you wouldn’t.

We have filled our Churches with folks that have never repented.  They can never sing the old hymn, “Victory in JESUS.”  One stanza  says,  Then I repented of my sins and won the victory.


I believe that’s why the brother in Hell knew that his brother had not repented

Brother Number Two was a:


Salvation by your stomach eating a wafer

A Catholic man told me,  Johnny I can’t swallow that Baptist doctrine.  I said, Sir you don’t get it in your mouth, but in your heart.

Don’t you dare be deceived by  this ungodly outfit just because they protest against abortion, and have people like James Dobson, Phyllis Schlaffley, and Jack Van Impe.

This system is still the great whore of Revelation 17, and GOD is still going to judge her for the massacre of millions of Christians.

First I would like to report to you Baptist and only Baptist are not protestants!   We never were in the whore of Rome.

Now GOD says she’s a whore.  So that makes the pope a pimp.

Now one thing that the Catholics brag is they never change.  But, ever since the third century, which is when they began their tyranny,  look at just a few changes:

  1. 312 ad   symbol of the cross
  2. cir-300 Infant baptism
  3. 300ad prayers for the dead
  4. 300 ad  making the sign of the cross
  5. 375 ad   worshipping of saints
  6. 394 Ad Mass instituted
  7. 593 ad Doctrine of Purgatory ( motel in the sky
  8. 709 ad  kissing the popes toes
  9. 1215 AD  Transubstantiation ( wafer becomes literal body of CHRIST).

My friend,  who pastors a Church,  and a plumber on the side,  was called to a Catholic church to unstop a drain.  When my friend drove up to the building (I hate to say Church),  the care taker showed him the kitchen where the sinks were. It was a double sink with two separate lines.  One went underground, and connected to the city sewer.  The other was on top,  on the ground.  He asked why there were two lines, one underground and one on top.  The care taker explained that one side was used to wash hands, dishes,  or whatever, but the other side was after the Priest had mass, and prayed over the Chalice,  that the wine in the cup actually turns into the blood of Christ.  They don’t pour it into the side that goes into city drain, but a separate line for CHRIST’S blood.  Then my friend said, Sir if you believe that,  I saw rats drinking CHRIST blood at the end of that pipe.

What blasphemous doctrine.

They teach Salvation by works. Any Church that denies Salvation by Grace is deceived.

Any Church that teaches that eternal life is merited, earned, conditioned, or maintained through human effort, religious ritual, financial donations, obedience to laws/commandments, church membership, or moral behavior, is a deceiver,  and you will be with the man in Hell, because he might have heard his brother pray to Mary and all the saints, and kissed the pope’s toe.  But he knew he was coming to Hell,  because he had met all the ex popes and Jesuit priests and cardinals in Hell with him.

Now please understand I love Roman Catholics!  They make good Baptists after they are saved!  But I hate Catholicism’s  teachings.

Brother Number Three was a:

Seventh Day Disadvantage

Started by a woman , Ellen White.  So you know the only thing a woman is suppose to start is the washing machine.

But this crowd just kicked me off a station because I preached on their home…Hell!

They believe worshipping on the LORDS day is the mark of the beast.

They do not believe in Salvation by Grace,  but by keeping the ten commandments.  Now there are three sets of ten commandments.  Which one do I keep?

GOD gave ten commandments in Genesis one, ten times he says after his kind.  Then GOD gave Noah ten commandments on what to build with. Then, in Exodus 20,  GOD gave Moses ten commandments.

So there are three sets of ten commandments.

When you try to keep your self under the law, and not Grace you are under the curse of GOD.  CHRIST came to redeem us from the curse of the law.

Also, they are vegetarians.  You can run them outta town with a pork chop.

Brother Number Four was a:

Jehovah’s Witness

Who have changed their name five times.

Started by a flim flam  man named Charles Taze Russell.  His followers deny the existence of Hell, and  also deny that JESUS is GOD, The Trinity, and naturally,  like the Mormons,  have their own translation of a so called Bible called the New World Translation.

So the man is Hell had seen his brother with Watchtower Magazines, and seeing Russell and Judge Rutherford burning in Hell with him.  He knew somebody needed to tell him to flee from the JW’S, or he would be in hell .

Brother Number Five was a:


Salvation by your tongue

Now this crowd follows Copeland and Hagin:  You know,  Copenhagin!   AMEN!  Makes you want to spit.

These are split offs of the old line Church of God, Pentecostal and Assembly of God.  The old line ones used to believe in clean separated living,  and preached the Blood.   But did not believe you are saved by Grace,  but by your works.  In other words,  keeping your self saved.

Their leaders are nuts like Rodney Browne, Paul Crouch, Hagin, and Hinn, that blow on people.  5,000 fall backwards ( boy you talk about bad breath), bark like dogs, flap their arms like a chicken, puke on each other, putting dog leashes on people, and  walking like a dog singing, Where He Leads Me I Will Follow.

Their doctrine is what Paul said in 2nd Corinthians 11:4:   another JESUS another Spirit and another Gospel!

When they say that you can become GOD (Copeland),  and that JESUS had to burn in Hell to pay for sins!  That’s not the CHRIST that we preach,  that said on the Cross,  “IT IS FINISHED”

So, see they have another Gospel, and they teach if you’re really saved your tongue will show it by flapping in some gibberish.  Remember the song in your church the kids sing by stomping their feet or clapping their hands,  If you saved and know it say amen.  Then your life will surely show it.

Well they sing,  if your saved then your tongue will surely show it (g ibbersish) say AMEN.

So the man in Hell knew that his fifth brother was Hell bound even though he had gifts. Because in Hell were tongue flappers and so called miracle workers likeA.A. Allen,

William Brannon, and Kathryn Kuhlman, that will do exactly what Matthew 7:22-23 says, …saying LORD we Prophesied in your name on the 700 Club and PTL.  On TBN we cast our devils, and worked miracles.  Then the LORD will say John the Baptist is the greatest man ever born of a womanfilled with the HOLY Ghostand he never worked a miracle in his life (John 10:41). So depart crazymatics!  I never knew you!