The Motel

Skeleton Sermon:  Add your own meat

The Motel

A Place To Spend The Night
by Brother Johnny Campbell

Now this message tonight is really for those that are on the front line of battle.  Not your nominal Christian who just attends Church but for those that are in the trenches, those that are looking for the wounded.  I mean,  like Pastors, Evangelists, Sunday School teachers, Teachers in Christian schools, and the real missionaries: not the ones on vacation in Mexico, you know that spend six months at home in the USA, the supposedly Missionaries to the Indians here in the states, or this guy running down the highways raising money to visit the prisons!   Sorry outfit!  Ought to get a job then, visit the jails, like every body else!!!!!!

I just said the Baptist cuss word, JOB.   I appreciate these pastors that hold down a job, pastor,  and never complain.  But you moochinaries will preach if we pay you!  Sorry hound.

A serious question:  Have you ever just felt like quitting Preacher, just saying; “Enough is enough!  These pukified church members make me want to run away and never show my face again.”

If so, please open your Bibles to Jeremiah Chapter nine.

First remember Jeremiah is with a bunch of folks that had come out of the wilderness, that GOD had been so good to,  but like in Psalm 106:21,  they soon forgot GOD. Then in Chapter 8 Verse 5,  Jeremiah said you’re perpetual backsliders and you love your sins.  Then in verse 20,  he says your not saved.

He’s saying GOD has been so good to you.  He says, you make me sick. I’m just staying here because GOD needs me to preach to you hardheaded Baptists.

Please follow me along.

Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!   Oh that I had in the wilderness a lodging place of wayfaring men; that I might leave my people, and go from them! for they be all adulterers, an assembly of treacherous men.   And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the LORD.  Take ye heed every one of his neighbour, and trust ye not in any brother: for every brother will utterly supplant, and every neighbour will walk with slanders. – Jeremiah 9:1-4

Brother;  When you read these verses you can see Jeremiah say that if there was a place for discouraged folks I wish that I could find it.

Now the word lodge simply means to spend the night.  Now that’s exactly what the Church is doing.  We are waiting for the morning to appear.  And GOD likens the Church unto many  objects:   A pearl, Bride, Treasure, Ship.  But let’s see this lodging place as the Church, such as a motel:  a place for weary travelers to spend the night.  AMEN.

Now I traveled over 5,000 miles last month.  I stay at all sorts of motels.  I was just in West Virginia. and the church had me stay in  a  Travel Lodge.  I have stayed at EconoLodges,  and many other Lodges.  Simply a motel.  Now,  in this lodge (motel),  I can see a Type of the Church.

Please follow me along weary traveler:

I.  You Have To Have A Reservation Before You can Check In.

Now,  the Church of the living GOD will tell you  that if you want to go to Heaven,  you have to make reservations.  Now and the Church (lodge) shows you how to make Reservations.

Its called Repentance.

II.  You Have To Realize That Before You Get The Room, It has to be Paid For.

When I was in West Virginia with Brother Terry and the Calvary Baptist church, I walked up to the counter of the motel.  I asked, “Do you have a reservation for Johnny Campbell?”  As I was reaching for my bill fold for my ID,  she said, “Mr. Campbell,”  as she thought I was fixing to pay for the room, “Your room was paid for by Calvary!”.

Oh,  I wish at lot of Churches realized that you cant pay to get into GOD’S Church.  It was paid for at Calvary!  JESUS PAID IT ALL!

III.  You Have to Know That Your Motel Has Only One Door.

JESUS said,  “I am the door.”  Right?  Oh,  I can see the Church… GOD’S lodging place, the one and only way into the Church!  It’s through JESUS.

IV.  You Have To know That Motel Looks out For Your Security

The minute after I check into the motel, and I realize that my lodging is paid for.  Then I have to go through the only door.  Now, when I get into my room, and shut the door,  I see at least three locks; the door knob, thumb bolt, and chain.

I’ m about to shut one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost.

You and I are secure once we get in side that door.

V.  You Have To Realize That All Real Lodging Places Have A Bible

All real Churches have a Bible AV 1611

VI.  You Look Around Your Room.  There’s A Big Mirror

To examine your self.  Didn’t James say that?

VII.  You Look Around Your Room.  There’s A Thermostat.

Now I can make it as hot or as cold as you want it.  That’s called the power of choice!  That’s in you, and  is more powerful than the Holy Ghost.
JESUS said I would that ye were HOT!!!

VIII.  You Look Around.  There’s A Pool.

This pool is like the baptistry in a church.  It’s not a place to take a bath, or get clean.  Don’t you dare take soap and water into the pool!  The motel manager will run you off.

Now Baptism is an answer to a good conscience that your sins are already washed away by the Blood.  Campbellites think water washes sins away!  If that’s so, then everybody outside of Noah’s Ark  was Saved and singing “Amazing Splash that saved a wretch like me ha ha ha.”  The Baptism pool can be inside, outside, or on a river bank.

You can’t wash your sins away!  Only the blood does that!

 IX.  You Look Around Your Room.  There’s A Phone.

A lot of time, at night, after preaching,  it’s late.  I’m lonesome, and I want to talk to my wife.  But its too late!  She’s asleep, or I get the stinking answering service.  But I can pick up that phone, and  dial the operator.  Never busy: always, “Can I help you?”

Oh I’m so glad I can call JESUS 24 hours a days!  He never sleeps, and He’s never too busy!  I say, “Operator,  get JESUS on the line.”  You’ll never hear; “If you want Paul,  press one, Abraham press two.”

JESUS says, “Johnny, I’m running a universe, but I’ve got time to talk to you!!!

X.  You Can Have A Wake Up Call

This last trip I left my alarm clock at home.  But, like Heaven, the front desk is never closed.  I called the front desk.  They answered, “Can I help you?”  I said. “Yes.  Can you wake me up in the morning?”

Glory, Glory, Glory!  Child of GOD:  We are waiting for the call from the front office, “The SON has come!  Time to get up!”

My mom that I really never got to know in this life got saved before she died.  She is waiting for that call to get up!.

  1. Good News To You Without Reservations:  There’s A VACANCY!

Sinner.  Maybe you have been traveling many a year, and your tired? You need a place you can rest.  The Church is the only place on this planet you can find rest!  Some good news:  There’s a VACANCY for you!  There’s room for one more.

So, turn right off Life’s Highway.  Don’t hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your heart’s door.  GOD will save you,  and put you in a “Non Smoking Room.

The good LORD has left the light on for you.