By Johnny The Baptist

Our Text tonight is in Exodus 17: lets read please

Exodus 17:10 So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill.

Exodus 17:11 And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.

Exodus 17:12 But Moses’ hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.

Now you know the story the children of Israel are upset and dogging Moses out about they want water and we want it now Preacher or we will move our letter today and join Joel Osteen’s Church. The Red sea was to much water and now there was none, now they want the preacher to produce water and Moses says in V 4 they are going to stone me saying these Baptist are mad at me and LORD you know they never forgive.

1st it was the watering situation and they are already mad now comes the warring. Remember now these people had been slaves for 430 yrs remember they had just come out of Egypt and crossed the red sea they didn’t know anything about warfare Then Amalek(a type of the flesh) appeared to do battle with the Children of Israel. Do I need remind you that your going to do battle with the flesh (Amalek) daily. Now back to my thought now they are warring and how they would win the war was by Moses holding his hands up as to demonstrate GOD’S mighty power to deliver HIS children out of any situation, whether it be water or warring. Now you know the story when Moses with raised hands would get tired and starting to come down the enemy would start winning the battle and when Moses raised his hands Israel would whip the snot out of the enemy.

Now Moses starts getting tired he cant hold his hands up, but GOD had two men there to help the Preacher in verse 12 Aaron and Hur two good deacons. Aaron and Hur saw their Preacher getting tired and they come along side Moses and held his hands up and Israel prevailed glory glory glory. Thank GOD Aaron and Hur saw the need and they said Moses we ain’t got what you got but we can hold up your hands while your getting plugged into glory. Brethren we have to realize your Preacher gets tired of trying to hold up everything the least you could do is hold up his hands, know this your pastor cannot fight the enemy by himself, you might not be able to Preach but you can hold up your Preacher in prayer. When we get to thinking about HANDS BEING RAISED IN THE AIR I think about as a boy somebody I would see in comic books with his hands raised in the air. We all know this character his name was SUPERMAN . Now you have to admit that people do look at Preachers like some kind of SUPERMAN rest assured your Preacher no matter how much you love him is no Superman and if he is an humble Preacher he will tell you so.

Today Church members think their Preacher is SUPERMAN because he is tough as steel and and fights evil, so the members think he is SUPERMAN because number one.

#1 Superman always flying higher than everybody else.
The members think he is almost a god he never has a down day AMEN AMEN. say Amen Preacher. TO SUPERMAN it did not matter what the situation was he could rise above it AMEN. Some think that’s the way your preacher is, no matter what happens or however we act our preacher can fly above all discouragement and trouble in the Church or if he has a sick wife or rebellious Children he can fly above it cause he’s SUPERMAN.

what ever you threw at SUPERMAN he just bounced right back into action. You could shoot him with bullets and they would bounce right off him. Some of you think the same about your preacher that he is indestructible and has no hurts or tears, even though he faces fiery darts everyday of his life. Do you think your preacher does not hurt, when Revival is at your church and you might show up one night of meeting. You say that wont hurt my Preacher cause he’s SUPERMAN he can take anything. I can tell you now after pastoring a bunch of stiff necked unconcerned Baptist it does hurt and us Preachers or our families don’t just bounce right back. Like you can say a sharp word to the pastor or his wife and it will crush him to no end why cause he is not SUPERMAN it will not bounce off your Preacher, that’s why some I know take valiums and some have nervous breakdowns. AMEN PREACHER come on. I told a Pastor this week to Pastor a Church is like the bull riders at the Rodeo every time that bull comes out of the chute, you have no idea where he is going that bull might go straight up or to the right or left. That’s the way it is Pastor every service Pastor comes out of the chute and don’t know if the Church is gonna go up or left or right and the only thing that pastor knows is the church members like the bull does not want to be broke and ready to throw you out. Remember Preacher you ain’t SUPERMAN you just hold on and ride that sucker to the ground.

SUPERMAN  could see right through you, and why lots of folks stay mad at the Preacher. You can’t buffalo him with your charm and malarky. You even accuse your wife have you been talking to that Preacher cause he is sure knows at lot about me. Then you get mad cause you don’t know there’s a HOLY Ghost and he will convict you of your sin and you will swear up and down that preacher hates me. AMEN say it AMEN.

I know preachers today that has ulcers running Church members and being a door mat for every carnal Church member they got, SAY AMEN Preacher while your drinking your Maalox and waiting on your colonoscopy (I have been there and done that) I know Preachers that have lost their wife and children by not being home and laying around every church members house drinking coffee and eating stale donuts you Hound, they need to fire you. I know Preachers that leave a warm bed at night to go wipe a Church members noses. Hey your Preacher ain’t SUPERMAN he has a family and feelings and he cannot do like SUPERMAN spring into action to rescue you every time you have a little problem. Old SUPERMAN he would rip off his Clark Kent suit and raise his hands flying to get to whoever cried HELP ME. Hey sometimes you might not see your preacher dressed like you thought he should dress, but you remember SUPERMAN had to change clothes from a working man Clark Kent into his flying clothes. Hey I know a preacher that I believe sleeps in a suit and tie ha ha ha. You think your Preacher can be faster than a speeding Usher and more powerful than a liberal theologian and you think your preacher can leap over three sleeping deacons all in a single bound. Now when you look at your Preacher and you think that big S on his chest stands for STUPID, but I tell you the S on his shirt stands for

B-Sanctified man
C-Studied man
D-Settled man
E-Saviours man

So I hope this helps you to understand your preacher is just a mortal man, but with just a call to serve in his life.

Remember just cause your Preacher sings “I will fly away” does not mean he is SUPERMAN but rest assured at the Rapture your Preacher will fly outa here from this land of sin and sorrow like SUPERMAN and be with JESUS then 1,000 yrs later come back like the lone ranger mounted on his white stallion.