Some Things That I Admire About  the Devil and His Preachers

Some Things That I Admire About
the Devil and His Preachers

by Evangelist Johnny “the Baptist” Campbell

Now believe me, there are two things the devil and I have in common: He hates me and I hate him. So please hear me out, there are some things that the devil and his preachers do that I wish the children of GOD would do at the house of GOD.

Please look at Job 1:6-7:

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them. And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. – Job 1:6-7

Notice the Word says when the sons of GOD came together Satan came also. So my thought is: Some things the devil does, I wish our members did.

1. He (the devil) always shows up.

A good pastor will wish to GOD that at least half their church was as faithful as the devil by just showing up. You’ll have to admit, let’s say, in the last five years, if the folks would have stayed in church and not just passed through church, you would be adding on to your church. Now you better believe this: That every time the church meets, the devil will show up to defeat the worship of our GOD. Brethren, most folks go to church just to get hatched, matched or dispatched. It’s either water, rice or dirt. I found out years ago a holy roller is somebody that talks about GOD and about the church all week then rolls over and sleeps on Sunday morning. But some claim they love GOD but they don’t show up for His service They ask why I admire the devil more than most professing Christians. It’s because you can bank on it: The devil will show up every service.

I was 28 years old when I got saved. I didn’t know one church from another, never read a Bible, never prayed, never even been to church. But the minute that I was saved, GOD put a love for his church inside me. The first Sunday I went to church, I showed up at 4:30 in the morning with my wife and children. I was so excited just to be where my life was first changed. My pastor never had to call me or look for me or worry that I might not show up. I just loved to sit in the church yard. Oh, it was holy ground to me. Thirty years later I love it more than ever.

The House of GOD is where 1) I was converted 2) I was called to preach 3) where I get my cleansing 4) where I get my comfort 5) where my companions can find forgiveness.

I’m gonna show up, what about you?

2. He (the devil) Never gives up.

He’s relentless and he won’t stop at nothing to destroy your church, your testimony, and your precious babies. I’m fed up with every where I go, folks are saying, “I gave up living for JESUS. It’s is just too hard.” (Like serving the devil
is easy, huh?)

Preachers say all the time I want to quit, I say, “Bless GOD! If you can quit, do it.” Now can you see why I admire the devil and his preachers? It’s because the devil or his preachers wont quit. But you whine and say my church doesn’t appreciate me and my wifey. They don’t shake my hand or give me a birthday card. Don’t forget these cults (energized by the devil) run wide open 24 hours a day on Radio and TV, are pumping out false doctrine like Copeland, Clownsville Revival or Calvinism ( Hey, I would rather be a Catholic than a Calvinist. At least they think Mary can do something to help you).

3. He (the devil) won’t shut up.

He wont shut up, even to tell GOD about our sins in Revelation 12:10. He is constantly running his mouth about the brethren to GOD saying, “Look at that bunch. That’s what you suffered and died for?”

He wont shut up to GOD about you TO YOU. Yes, he will talk to you if you give him an audience… I heard about a black woman who went shopping. Her Baptist preacher husband, said to her, “Now honey, if you go shopping, you buy things that are decent.”

That afternoon, she came back from shopping. When her husband saw the miniskirt she was wearing, he said, “Woman I told you not to buy whorish clothes. Why did you do it?”

She said, “The devil made me do it.”

The preacher said, “Didn’t you tell him to get behind you?”

The wife said, “I sure did, he got behind me and whispered into my ear, ‘YOUR SURE LOOKING GOOD GIRL.’ “

See, he wont shut up. If you listen to him just 30 minutes, he will destroy you. Paul said give no place to the devil. King David listened to him 30 minutes. Look what happened with Bathsheba. Jimmy Swaggart listened to him for 30 minutes and he destroyed his life and ministry. He won’t shut up telling you to get away from preaching and the House of GOD and have some fun. He will say, “Get you a woman, enjoy her in a night’s pleasure.” But he won’t tell you that 10 years down the road, long after you have forgotten it, you could have contacted AIDS or Herpes.

No, he won’t shut up. You need to plead the blood of Jesus Christ and rub his stinking nose in it. Tell the devil, “I ain’t listening to you, but you listen to me. I’m gonna tell JESUS on you and he’s gonna beat the snot out of you.”

Now, I say that I admire the devil because he won’t shut up. I wish you would not just testify at church, but tell it at school, and your job, and your neighbors.

4. He (the devil) soon will settle up.

Believe this: The devil is gonna settle up with GOD for the ungodly deeds and the blood he has helped shed. The blood of the saints cry out for it to be over. My friend, he that sits on that throne in Revelation 5:8-9, that’s my Lamb, my Kinsman Redeemer. He holds the title deed to this planet. He will catch ole’ smutty face and all his workers (past and present), the Great Whore and all her Protestant daughters. My CHRIST will cast him into outer darkness.

Some people say the devil is bound to a chain in hell. Well, it must be a long chain because I run into him in Chicago, Dallas, California, Bahamas, aboard ships, or 30,000 ft in the air. Yes, he’s alive, but he ain’t doing very well as long as you’re full of the Holy Ghost. I want him to know I’m against him and his own preachers. Tell the stinker, “LIKE IT OR NOT DEVIL, YOU’RE FIXING TO SETTLE UP. When you remind me of my past, devil, I want to remind you of your future.”

Child of GOD maybe you need to settle some things with your church or pastor. Maybe you have an old debt left somewhere you need to settle up?