Some Things I Love About Heaven

Some Things I Love About Heaven
by Evangelist Johnny “the Baptist” Campbell

Now there are some things that I am looking for when I get home to Heaven, something like:

  • I want to see is the Book with my name in it
  • I want to see the Bottle with all my tears that I have shed here on this earth
  • I cant wait until I see the Bride all dressed up for the wedding
  • I cant wait to see all my Brothers and sisters that I have met here on earth.
 Now there’s some NO MORES in the Bible:
  • After the Birth of JESUS there’s NO MORE babies mentioned in the Bible
  • After the Birth of CHRIST there’s NO MORE Wiseman mentioned in the Bible
  • After the Birth of JESUS NO MORE Shepherds, NO MORE Priest.
Now there is something’s here on earth that we have to deal with, that will be  NO MORE  in that Celestial city of GOD.

So with the thought of NO MORES lets look at Revelation 21:1 No More Sea and then in Verse 4 LOOK no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain.I Don’t know about you but Boy that excites me that there are some NO MORES in Heaven.

So lets read Revelation 1:8 JESUS says I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the ending, This is the Greek Alphabet A to O but our English alphabet has twenty six letters from  A to Z. Right !! Nod your pointed little head.

So lets take our Alphabet A to Z and see something’s that are not going to bother us in Heaven, are you ready follow me along from A To Z some NO MORES say it with each letter.
A. Adversary, Aggravation , Agitation, Annoyances, Athletes Feet, Adultery, Abortions, Aids, Alzheimer’s, Acme. (add your own thoughts)
B. Bunions, Baldness, Backaches, Bitterness, Broken bones, Broken Homes, Beer, Bad Breath, Business Meetings, Bad Debts.
C. Cancer, Cemetery’s, Confusion, Crime, Cussing, Cooking, Complaining, Crying, Car Wrecks, crutches, Computers.
D. Doctors, Dope, Divorcee, Dandruff, Dance Halls, Deceit ,Disappointments “I’m ready to go to Heaven right now ain’t you?” Death, devil, Deacons
E. Evil, Earwax, Enemies, Eye Glasses
F. Funerals, False Teeth, Fads, fear, Failing, Falling, Fighting, Fussing, Feuding, Fault Finding  “I am glad I am going what about you?”
G. Good Byes, Guilt, Gout, Griping, Gossiping, Girdles
H. Heart Attacks, hearing Aids, Hernias, Hatred, Hospitals, Hurricanes, High Blood Pressure.
I. Insurance, Insane asylums, Internal Revenue, Immorality, Incest, Insects, Itch.
J. Jails, Jealousy ADD YOUR OWN
K. Killings, Kidney Stones
L. Liars, Liberal Preachers, Long Hair on men, Lawyers, Liquor, lawyers, “No More LIGHT BILLS  glory glory glory JESUS’ Face will light the city”.
M. Misunderstandings, Mucus, Mice, Mosquitoes, Masons, Mother In-laws, Happy Day
N. Nastiness, Nudity, Needs (because JESUS will meet our every need), Nursing Homes.
O. Obituaries, Obscenity, Opposition
P. Politicians, Policemen, pornography, Pain, Pills, Problems, Pastoring  (Shout Pastors let’er rip bless your heart its been tough but it will be worth every mile)
Q. Queers, quarrelling, quitting
R. Rock music, Rebellion, Roaches (They might be in Florida but not Heaven glory glory I am getting happy. )
S. Sickness, Sorrow, Snot, Sinus Colds , School, Selfishness, Shacking up, Stealing, Seizures.
T. Tooth Ache, Toe Jam, Tobacco ( I am sorry North Carolina), Television, Tears, Trials, Toupees, Troubles, Telephones.
U. Ulcers, Undertakers OK IM TRYING TO HURRY
V.  Violence, Vengeance, Vomiting (Wont get sick over there)
W. Wheel Chairs, Wayward Children, Wigs, Water Bugs, Whoremongers, Worldly Churches, Wrinkles (SISTER’S WONT THAT BE WONDERFUL YOU WILL HAVE A NEW BODY).
X. X-rated movies, X-rays “no broken bones”
Y. Yielding To Sin, Youthful Lust.
Z. Zigzagging no more we will all be in a straight line heading to the throne.

I like thinking about the things that bother us here will be NO MORE in Heaven. I Am Homesick and ready to go where Time shall be NO MORE and the devil will not bother us NO MORE.