Little Children, Keep  Yourselves From Idols


The “Reverend” Jim Jones
He was so respected by men, that in 1975 the Foundation for Religion in American Life named Jones one of the 100 outstanding clergymen in America and in 1976 the Los Angeles Herald Examiner hailed him as “Humanitarian of the Year.” 















Jonestown Massacre
912 people played “Follow The Leader,” drinking their Kool-aid, laced with cyanide, believing they were following God.  They  believed anything he said was the Gospel, because he screamed, spit and kicked his leg when he preached.  The fools said “ain’t he wonderful.”

Little Children, Keep
Yourselves From Idols

by Brother Johnny “The Baptist” Campbell

1 John 5:21 (KJV) Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

Listen young preachers!  There was a time that when you told a preacher that he preached a good message they would say, “Give God the glory; not me.”  In their prayer before they preached they would pray, “God help me not to touch Your glory.”Oh, not these glory seekers nowadays!  They boast, “the whole world knows me!” and, “I’m so bad that  I’ve got to have body guards!”  They are a legend in their own sick mind!  You can go through state after state, mention their names, and no one has ever heard of them.

But, not in these days of celebrity preachers who crave the applause of men.

Young man,  I am watching young preachers buy tapes from these idols, and  then mimic them word for word!  You even disguise your voice to sound like your god!  You also do a lot cussing and boasting.  People can’t take your preaching!  You’re a sick puppy!  And you talk about how the cults have changed what they use to teach against!  I challenge you to check out your god, and see if they have changed what they used to preach against!  Come on!  I dare you! And you talk about the Southern Baptist Convention!

Hey!  If your God doesn’t have Calvary’s scars and can forgive sins, you’re addicted to a rotten piece of sinful flesh!  You are a  fool!

If you don’t get your eyes off men, and stop kissing up to these clowns, maybe your new ministry would be a one pf a suicide bomber!

Why do you want a Jesus imitator, when you could have the real Jesus?

Please read Revelation 2:6 and15:

Revelation 2:6 (KJV) But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.
Revelation 2:15 (KJV) So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

The word that I bet you have never heard is NICOLAITANS

Nico — to conquer.
laitan — the laity, or the people.

You better listen!  You have been conquered, and have become codependent on a man, instead of a living God!  In fact, it would be easier to blaspheme Jesus Christ than to say a word about Jack Hyles, because he is a deity in many circles.  He is God.

But, not only him!

In our Independent Fundamental Baptist Camp Meeting  there are groupies that are worshipped. You are doing like Israel did.  God wanted to be their King, but “no,” they said,  “give us Saul a man that we can see and worship.”

In Jonestown, Guyana, 912 people drank their Kool-aid laced with cyanide, following their God, believing anything that he said was the Gospel because he screamed, spit and kicked his leg when he preached. The fools said “ain’t he wonderful.”

Now, if you check, because we are such man worshippers and deceived, that  if a man can quote scripture; “Oh, he has to be of God! Because he can memorize the book!”  Hey stupid! So could Jim Jones, more that any I have ever heard in any IFB meeting, North or South!

You better get your eyes off man and look to CHRIST, and ask for His forgiveness!

Remember, Jim Jones even received an award for being “Humanitarian of the Year” He was named one of 100 great preachers of the year 1975 as well!

Look at Jack Van Impe, an Apostate!  Who can beat him quoting Scripture?

I knew a man from Mississippi, known as the “Mississippi Walking Bible.”  He could quote scripture like Van Impe, but was the biggest whore-monger you have ever seen!  Even his girl friend would show up, in for a love fest,  at meetings he was called to quote Scripture!

Hey Paul said in Romans 16 that by “good works and fair speeches they would deceive the hearts of the simple!  –Stupid!

Marshall Applewhite managed to lead thirty nine castrated men to commit suicide, so they could enter into heaven.  They followed a man!  They had their brains kicked out of gear, and idolized a man.

I bet you in these super duper Camp Meetings, if  you were told to castrate yourself, you young, brain-washed preachers would do it!  Hey they give their cars and clothes away.  They pledge money they don’t have – just to appease their idols.

(continued below)

God deliver us from this new breed of I.F.B. God, please give us men like the old timers that never looked at themselves as gods, and never used extortion to pay bills.

A list of rules right from the bottomless pit! Remember, you have to hide your two personalities, the dark side that cusses and abuses people: it sells. Then the other side just loves sinners and preachers and you hate those mean preachers that learned from you to torment people. Act like you’re for the people that have been abused by the legalists. Act like you’re their saviour, and you feel sorry for them being abused. Never let them figure out that you and your groupies are the ones that are the leaders of beating people up.

Teach young preachers to hate what you hate! Let them worship you!  Let them become addicted to your words. Teach ’em to cuss.  Preach against TV’s and computers! But be sure to get your own computer and internet so you can sell tapes to fools. Hey, they will never question their god.

Get yourself a guest book so you can hear your own praises and keep them hating and fighting each other. If the fight cools down, stir it up yourself, even signing other peoples names to start the fools arguing again. When a question comes in that you’re not gonna touch, just get too busy.  Let the fools take the heat.  It will go away, and you will still be god.

Remember keep your ministry like the wrestlers do; all hype, or like the Jerry Springer show: it sells.

Remember; always try to play on their sympathy, and that you’re the persecuted one
Hey, you’re just serving Jesus because nobody else is, and you will suffer if they don’t send more money in.

Promote yourself as a missionary to the Jews, and open some “fronts” called churches, in nursing homes and office buildings, and promote yourself as potentate.

The blind suckers will never know that with all of your phony ministries do not have twenty members from MA to GA. Please, don’t just blow your shofar, but like Moses said, you need to carry your paddle to cover up the stink of your con job.

(continued from above)

You say,  “How do you know?”  Because I’m guilty. I did it myself.  I was caught up in the “Gotta bail Jesus out” hysteria, and we gave it all, thinking it was for Jesus.  And, boom, next week, no groceries, no lunch money, no gas!  The rent was due too! Meanwhile, my idols were buying new homes, new suits, and were at the steak house laughing at all the suckers and “feel good boys” at the CampMeeting!.

If you don’t have enough brain cells to understand that these men are selling Jesus, just like Judas, with their tapes, videos, coffee mugs, t-shirts, skate boards, jump ropes, bobble-head dolls, Mormon underwear, Jesus thongs or autographed pictures for 10 dollars!  Preacher; remember; Jesus means big bucks to these scam artists, and you, Sir, are under their control.

I know Jesus turned the water into wine, but these guys turn a 32 cent tape into a 10 dollar profit!  Huh?

I beg you to ask God to forgive you for taking your eyes off His Son, and put them on flesh.

Now, you might not get the Kool-aid and castrate yourself, but you’re dead already!
It grieves God after His Son suffered and died that these charlatans cash in by making merchandise of Jesus!

You have sold him too, when you become addicted to a piece of rotting, dirty, stinking, sinful flesh.

You older preachers know that this is the truth about this idol worship!  These fellas fill their heads with this trash, then bring it into your Church, and cause you all sorts of problems! Why don’t you open your tater trap!!!  Our Independent Fundamental Baptist movement is gone if we don’t speak up.


Mary and the Pope
All Independent Fundamental Baptists DECRY the outright blasphemy of idol worship.  Mostly all Baptists would claim that Papa is indeed an anti-Christ.

Baptist Ayatollah’s
Yet many “so-called” Baptists have forgotten about Christ, and have lifted themselves above reproach.

If you are a follower of a “Baptist Ayatollah” or “Baptist Pope,” Shame on you!  If you are one of these creeps, and you know who you are:  You need to point people to Christ!  NOT YOURSELF!

Marshall Applewhite
This nut was a typical “disgruntled” Seminary student who could not grasp the simplicity of Christ Jesus.

Heaven’s Gate Cult
Thirty nine men worshiped a man, who brain-washed them into being circumcised, and then to commit suicide, so they could ESCAPE into a waiting spaceship.