God’s Lawnmowers

Skeleton Sermon:  Just add oil and fuel.  Destroy your weed eater!

by Brother Johnny Campbell

Please read Psalms 37:2, Psalms 103:15, and Amos 7:1.  My my main text is Isaiah 40:6:

Isaiah 40:6 The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field:

Now you know the Child of God is pictured in many ways. For instance, he or she is pictured as sheep, salt, light, eagles, and as mighty eagles!  But think how a Church member is like a Lawnmower:

  • You have to push or pull them to get them started .
  • You have to ride them to keep them going.  Otherwise they go around in circles, or run right straight into trouble!
  • They throw rocks
  • You feel like choking them.   AMEN!

Now each church member has a certain place they are to work for God – the place that he is planted – the local church.  You also need to know that we are co-laborers together with God.  In the vineyard, He put you to work to keep it clean.  Remember,  the field is the world, and the verses that you read show that when God looks down from Heaven, He looks at all flesh as grass.

Now remember, there’s nothing good about your flesh.  God gave up on this stinking stuff in the garden!  So remember all flesh, this Book says, it’s as grass in God’s sight.  Oh,  I can remember the night God used one of his lawnmowers (an evangelist) on September 22, 1968 at 9:30 in the evening.  Oh, I was mowed down!  Cut to pieces!

Look how a lawnmower resembles a Saint:

My Lawnmower Was Put Together by a Creator.

The Maker of this lawnmower had a plan for it. We have a great Creator, and there’s a plan for you and I “before the foundation of this earth.”
Glory!!!  Makes me wanna shout,  thinking,  somebody has a plan for my life if I willingly agreed with Him against myself that I am nothing without Him!

My Lawnmower is Preserved Right

Now,  I just bought a brand new red lawnmower.  It’s covered in red, but so am I!  You too, if you’re saved! Now even if you have a green lawnmower its preserved underneath with a good coat of red lead.  I’m about to shout. Hey I’m covered with Calvary’s red blood!!!  Jude verse 0ne even says I’m preserved.

My Lawnmower Was Not Cheap

Now, our Salvation is FREE,  but it’s not cheap!  Oh, it cost God everything; even the death of his darling Son.

My Lawnmower Came with a Warranty

The day I got my lawnmower, the man said, “Don’t forget, if anything goes wrong, the maker guarantees it.  In other words, I’m guaranteed that I will live as long as God lives.  Hey!  I’ve got a lifetime warranty!

My Lawnmower Came with an Instruction Manual

The day that you and I repented, repented, repented of our sins with Godly sorrow (Oh I know that a lot of you don’t like that Repentance!),
God preserved an instruction manual, the A.V. 1611,  for all His little lawn mowers that are gonna cut grass (flesh) down for GOD.
Oh, I know you’re not a lawnmower.  You’re just a weed eater, only hitting around the edges!   AMEN!  AMEN!!  Now my instruction book is for just in case I run into any problems.  I can look in the Book, and then if I still have problem, I have a toll free number to call.  Glory, Glory, Glory!!!  My maker is never busy to take my call.  No answering machine to say,  “if you want Paul, press two. If you want Peter, press three.” (Sorry Catholics;  Mary has never had a line to Heaven!)  But, if you get saved, become one of God’s lawnmowers. You can talk to Jesus Himself. Jeremiah 33:3…

My Lawnmower has to Have Oil

Even though my lawnmower was brand new, the Instruction Manual said, be sure that it’s full of oil, or it will burn up. Hey, if your one of God’s lawnmowers, don’t try to start unless your sure you have enough oil.  That’s in Matthew 25! The five that had oil went in. The five that didn’t burned up.  The reason folks go to hell is because  there’s no oil (Holy Ghost).  Now, all that are saved have the Holy Ghost. And that’s not Baptist doctrine, that’s Bible doctrine. Romans 8:9 – No oil,  your not saved!  Amen!

My Lawnmower has to Have Fuel

Even though you have the good oil to stop a mower from burning up, you still have to be fueled up.  Amen.  Now, I like running on full. Some people I know are running low on fuel.  They are picking up trash like the Trinity Broadcasting Network, The 700 Club, Gaither videos, and all this junk about Muslim draft-dodger Muhammad Ali, loving Christians.  All Muslim countries arrest Christians! They’re just not in the majority in the U.S.A. yet.  If most Baptist deacons knew what Muslims believe about heaven, specifically about getting fifty virgins when they die, 90% would quit the Baptist Church tonight!  I get fueled up at Bible conferences Campmeetings, Revivals, and Family Altars.  Do you want to stay fueled up?  Then stay in good Church, with a fired up Pastor!

My Lawnmower can have Oil and Fuel, but Still has to be in the Right Hands

It’s not Allstate’s hands who we are in.  It is in the hands of our Creator;  if your one of His lawnmowers.

v    My Lawnmower can have Fuel and Oil, but It Still has to be Fired Up

Your lawnmower has oil, fuel, a piston, and a spark plug.  A lawnmower will not start until somebody yanks the cord.  Then, an explosion happens, and a fire burns on the inside.  Question:  How long has it been since God yanked your cord, and you felt the explosion inside?  Oh I wish tonight, if its been years since you have run, I wish God would yank you, and get you to cut grass for him.

v    My Lawnmower has a Sharp Two-Edged Blade to Work

Yup!  So does the child of God (Hebrews 4:12)!  This blade is designed to cut men (as grass) down.

v    My Lawn mower wakes sleeping folks up

Sleeping folks don’t like a fired up mower.  It upsets them. Amen.  How long has it been since you were fired up, waking folks?  Time to come fess up!

My Lawnmower Needs to be Kept Clean and Oiled

If not separated and cleaned up it will start:

  • Hesitating –  “I would drive the bus, Pastor but, but, but…”
  • Missing – “Well, Pastor, I’m not getting fed…”
  • Knocking – “Pastor, to be honest, Sister Wiggle Jaw thinks she can out sing everybody here.”
  • Smoking – Fire on one end, fool on the other!  You pastors that put ashtrays for cigarettes out in front of your church, I wish that you would get 10,000 chiggers under your arm pit!

My Lawnmower is Hated by the United States Government

All over, God’s lawnmowers are hated by the government.  They say we are trouble-makers cutting everything down.  We want the Ten Commandments posted.  We say stop abortions now.  We say all lesbians like Reno, Ellen, and Billary, are all headed for Hell with a Muslim under each arm.  In Acts 4:12, my Bible says that Muslim’s go to Hell!  There’s only ONE NAME given among men that anybody can have forgiveness of Sins! Not Allah, Buddha, or Mary!

The government says, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, that Freon for car air conditioners, and hair spray are putting out emissions
that are cutting a hole in the ozone layer.  The government says with everybody’s lawnmower running just on a Saturday from the U.S.A. to Germany to Australia is sending up fumes, and cutting a hole in the sky.

Glory, Glory, Glory!  That’s where God’s lawnmowers are going to:  That hole in the sky!  Some call it Heaven.  Some call it Paradise.  But, us little lawnmowers call it home!  Glory!  The Big Shed in the sky!  No more grass to cut!

Now, remember, you can’t cut grass on the concrete church parking lot.  Go where the sinners are;  in the field!

Remember, God said that ALL flesh is as grass, and we are left here to cut grass for GOD.  Now God has no big mowers or little mowers.  We are just His little mowers.

Please stop weed eating and start cutting grass.