God Is On The Caller ID!

Skeleton sermon — add your own meat

God Is On The Caller ID!

By Johnny Campbell

Text: Psalm 139:7-8

7 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.

How many times has the phone rang, we would run to check on who called and see it was your mother-in-law on the caller ID? How about when your wife calls out from the kitchen and asks who called and you say nobody, just an old pest. Your wife was thinking the call was from one of those telemarketing people. But you knew. You just didn’t want to talk so you didn’t pick up the phone. I wonder how many times God has called you and you looked at the caller ID and noticed that God is on the line and you didn’t want to talk to Him? I have news for you: He is going to call back — He’s got your number! I mean, He’s even got call forwarding — He can find you!

I know that some men peek at the caller ID and see that it’ s God on the line. God called unto Adam and told him what to tell Eve. Some say I can’t talk to Him now, my hands are dirty. Well, that’s what He’s calling for in Psalm 24:4- clean hands and a pure heart.

Now when God does call its for four reasons.


Maybe God wants you to relocate to the mission field or to a new field of service or maybe to get you away from your family like He did for Abraham. Some pastors have been at their church too long and they killed it. You can say if that’s why he’s calling I ain’t going to answer. Well, He’s gonna call back. He called unto Jonah the second time, didn’t He? He’s called folks over and over until they answered. “Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth.” Thank God he said my sheep hear my voice and they answer me. We like to call Him about any trivial thing and He’s never too busy when we call Heaven. His phone number is Jeremiah 33:3. But it’s not just you talking all the time; He wants to talk to you. So, I believe if God was talking to you today, here’s what He would be asking you.

Please Turn to Haggai Chapter 2. In this chapter God is speaking to Israel. Notice in verse three: “…How do ye see it now? Is it not in your eyes in comparison of it as nothing?”  Not how did you use to see the temple when you first saw it in the past?  But after all these years, how do you see it NOW?  God is saying in the past, when you first saw it, you said there’s nothing that could compare to it. But HOW DO YOU SEE IT NOW?

Like the man JESUS healed whose sight He restored. Jesus asked the man, “How do you see men now? The man answered, “Lord, I see men as trees walking.”  May God touch US that we may see hell-bound sinners like we used to see them!

Today, if He called you and you answered the call, He would ask you as his child how do you see me now. Do tears still roll down your face when somebody mentions my name? Do you still read all the books you can afford to learn about me? Do still jump up in the middle of a service and say I have to testify about being saved? Do you still sing songs about me like Amazing Grace when you’re not in church? Do you tell folks you meet how God changed you and how He can change them? Do you still play gospel music in your car or is it country or rock? God is asking NOT how you use to see it but HOW DO YOU SEE IT NOW?

Then God says, “Oh, by the way, since I got you on the line, just a few more questions my child.”


Do you still get excited to learn about me. I remember how you first started BUT HOW DO YOU SEE IT NOW?  If you see it like you use to, then how come you don’t attend church like you use to?


Not how you use to see it when you first started out in your Christian walk, but now. You used to never miss visitation, even if you worked all day. How do you see it now after all these years have passed? If you still see it like you used to, then how come I never see you at visitation or with tracts in your pocket.


Not how did you use to see her when she was young and beautiful, but how do you see her now. Do you thank me for letting her be in your life and raising your children and home making. Has your love grown for her through the passing years? How do you see her now, not when she weighed 105 pounds and her hair was a brunette whereas now she has wrinkles on her face? Do you still kiss her and say your a blessed man to have her? Sir, don’t forget she loved you before you got AIDS, visual aids, Rolaids, Band-Aids, and hearing aids.


Have you even thought lately that I was coming back for you? Do you still say your prayers beside your bed at night. Is the last thing you say before drifting off to sleep, “I’m going to sleep. Lord may you come tonight.” You use to believe in my imminent premillenial reign, telling all that He’s coming and you better get ready!” That’s how you you to see it, BUT HOW DO YOU SEE IT NOW?

What would your answer be to these questions if he got you on the line to talk to you? Hey, your phone is ringing. It says God is on the caller
ID and He wants to talk. Just pick it up and say, “Hello Father, I’m so glad that You called me.”