Legend of Johnny


This is a poem of the legend of “Johnny the Baptist” Campbell,
Not everybody has heard about him, but the devil knows him well!

“Johnny the Baptist” knows who he works for, it’s Jesus Christ our Lord,
He fights the Devil daily with the KJV Bible, that’s a two edged sword.

The first time you see him, you might be stunned or surprised,
You might ask yourself, is he going to fight the devil, a man of his size?

He stands tall behind the pulpit as he sweat, spits, and turns red at sin,
That will let you know you got “Johnny the Baptist” and not the Reverend Benny Hinn!

When he gets behind the pulpit, you never know for sure what he will do,
All I can say is, this is going to be a bumpy ride, better hand on to your pew!

What illustrations or items he will use, nobody knows,
It might be a hammer and nail, a broom, or a whiskey bottle with a rose.

He has compassion for the lost and gives the message on how to be saved,
Eternal life in Heaven is a whole lot better then a dark dirty grave.

He tells us backslide Christians who are not doing right,
Quit whining and complaining, and get back in the fight!

Johnny has traveled a lot of miles, weeks on end, and also day and night,
Why he keeps going, is to fight that “Old Devil”, “Ain’t That Right”!

There is not many men like Johnny, that preach the truth today,
It is not on how he brings the message, it still what he has to say.

I hope Johnny will take this poem as a jester in fun,
It’s a kind of “ATTA BOY” for what he has done.

What this man has sacrificed in his life is more then we could handle,
That’s why he is a legend “Johnny the Baptist Campbell”.

Poem By: Bro. Jerry Sayres