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On this page, you will find sermons by various preachers from all around the country whom I believe will be a blessing to you  (1611 King James Copy of the Bible only).  Please let me know if they truly are a blessing to you. 

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Brother Johnny Campbell

For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth. – Isaiah 21:6


Today’s Devil Fighters


“Mike Campbell and Bill Kannoy”

“Savior Soles Broadcast”, with Johnny’s daughter, Gayla Guidry


Names of Jesus: Jesus is ‘G’ and ‘H‘”, by Pastor John Nichaus

“Abominations in the House” part 1, by Bro. Amos Nichaus
“Abominations in the House” part 2, by Bro. Amos Nichaus
“Abominations in the House” part 3, by Bro. Amos Nichaus
“Abominations in the House” part 4, by Bro. Amos Nichaus
“Abominations in the House” part 5, by Bro. Amos Nichaus
“Abominations in the House” part 6, by Bro. Amos Nichaus

Gentleness, by Bro. Amos Nichaus

Five Warnings for Modern Believers, by Bro. Amos Nichaus

Finish Your Course, by Bro. Amos Nichaus

“Look What The Wind Blew In”, by Bro. Ronnie Wilcox

“Staying With the Stuff”, by Bro. Ronnie Wilcox

“3-cord Scourge”, by Bro. Ron Hoy

“Preach a Little Bit”, by Bro. J. W. Briscoe

“Hell”, by Bro. Ed Ballew

What to Do When You Are On the Bottom, by Bro. Ed Ballew

“What Are Your Vital Signs?”, by Bro. Mason Holliday

“Pastor or Panty Waste?”, by Bro. Harold Leake

“Would You Vote?”, by Bro. Jim Cates

“Lawless Grace”, by Bro. Junior Hill

“Whiney, Hiney, Baptists”, by Mystery Preacher

“For Preachers Only”, by Bro. Stinnett Ballew

“Want Less”, by Bro. Doug Fisher

“Born Again”, by Bro. John Allen

“Mending The Thin Places In Our Lives”, by Bro. Roy Goodson

“Why God Allows Your Enemy To Keep Hanging Around”, by Bro. Dean McNeese

“Revival God’s Way”, by Bro. Tex Woody

“Beauty for Ashes”, by Bro. Ronnie Wilcox

“God and the Confederate Flag”, by Bro. Bob Roberts

“The Dirty Dozen”, by Bro. Jesse Carr

“Why I Love Jonah”, by Bro. Rick Proffitt

“The Other Side of the Coin”, by Bro. Jacob Frederick

“How To Be Like Daniel”, by Bro. Terry Hagendorn

“What Is Wrong With Doing What Is Right?”, by Bro. Ed McAbee

“Lining Up With Scripture”, by Bro. Don Savell

“Has God Baked You A Cake Lately?”, by Bro. James Bumgardner

“Why I Preach The Gospel”, by Bro. Richard Sandlin

“Give to Get”, by Bro. J.C. House

“Testimony”, by Bro. Kenny McComas

“Evangelize America”, by Bro. Bailey Smith

“Besor Baptist”, by Bro. Rick Safret

 Yesterday’s Devil Fighters

Song Of Solomon Billy Kelly

The Church A Body Harold Sightler

A Burden Vs. A Call Jack Hyles

Who Is Flying Away? Leroy Wright

When A Revival? B.R. Lakin

Payday Someday R.G. Lee (Note-Original Link is gone, audio replaced with video on Rumble)

God Is Able To Turn It Around Billy Kelly

How The Mighty Have Fallen Buster Seaton

Motives For Ministry Andrew Telford

Let’s Learn The Word Ed Vallowe

Pitfalls For The Pastor (Part 1) (Part 2) George B. Duncan

Dr. Law & Dr. Grace, Lester Roloff

Living Without Worry (Part 1) (Part 2) Donald G. Barnhouse

What May A Christian Expect In Heaven? (Part 1) (Part 2) John Walvoord

The Faithfulness Of God (Part 1) (Part2) Lehman Strauss

Know, Grow, and Show (Part 1) (Part 2) Bill Kanoy